The Great AT Expedition 

Appalachian Trail ​​

The Appalachian Trail is  a nearly 2,200 mile hiking trail through the Appalachian Mountain Range in the Eastern United States.

The Trail travels through 14 different states: 1. Georgia,  2. North Carolina  3. Tennessee  4. Virginia  5. West Virginia  6. Maryland  7. Pennsylvania  8. New Jersey  9. New York  10. Connecticut  11. Massachusetts  12. Vermont  13. New Hampshire  14. Maine.

It is the longest “hiking-only” footpath in the world. I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail in 100 days. 

Mtinko Well Project

The well project began a few years ago with the goal to provide clean and reliable drinking water to Mtinko Village.  Mtinko Village is a remote community in Tanzania, Africa located near the Serengeti National Park.  The well is critical to the survival of the local village. The well was built with the help of Bethany Lutheran Church. To keep the well working, they need our help.

Currently, the village uses a generator to operate the well. This is only a temporary fix to continue to provide water. They need your support to run an electrical line from the Mtinko village to the well.

The village also needs a healthy means of storing water. The plan is to provide two brick-masonry water storage tanks. The goal is to raise $18,000.00 to complete the well project.

Any amount is welcome, but suggested levels of Sponsorship are below:​
1 penny per mile    =   $22.00          
2 pennies per mile =   $44.00          
1 nickel per mile     =  $110.00          
1 dime per mile      =  $220.00        

Trailblazer Level
Springer Mountain Level

Blue Ridge Level
Mt. Katahdin Level
How to donate 

Visit GoFundMe and enter in the amount that you would like to donate. Yes, it's that easy!

Or you can send a check made out to Bethany Luthern Church with MTINKO WELL written in the memo line, to: Bethany Lutheran Church, 3701 W Slaughter Ln, Austin, TX 78749

*If you would like to support my expedition expenses, please check out my GoFundMe link on my Home Page.